BPL Spring Opener’s Big Winners

On behalf of the entire BPL staff we want to thank all of the teams for participating in the Spring Opener. It was a hard fought event by all participants. In the end our top three winners from each division are as follows:

Division 4 – Top Three Teams

Baltimore Revo II – First Place

While Baltimore Revo II had a rocky preliminary match they rallied strong entering the quarter finals to ultimately come in 1st place. A big congrats to a hard fought battle and an amazing rally to take home the gold. Revo II receives five Dye Rize Paintball Markers.


GFB – 2nd Place

Hailing out of Southern Maryland Paintball this team has always been unbelievably competitive. They certainly showed that nothing has changed with a strong second place finish in the first tournament of the year. Congrats to GFB and their prize package including Dye Rotor R2 Loaders.


Driven – 3rd Place

The Driven franchise as a whole had a huge showing at the Spring Opener producing top performers in both the D4 and D5 divisions. Congrats to Driven on their brand new i5 masks from Dye Paintball.


Division 5 – Top Three Teams

BAMF 2 – 1st Place

BAMF a powerhouse organization out of Pennsylvania came to win and it showed in their teams D5 performance. The team was dominant throughout the entire tournament taking home 1st place.


Driven 2 – 2nd Place

Driven 2 was excellent and it showed in their strong lanes and head to head play throughout the course of the entire tournament. Congratulations to Driven 2 on their new Dye Rotor R2’s.


REVO 4 Р3rd Place

Keeping in the tradition with the REVO franchise the new talent had a great showing at the BPL Spring Opener taking 3rd place. A tremendous performance was put on by the entire team and in particular, Josh Shiley on the dorito side of the field.


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