BPL D4 X-Ball Announced

In sticking with our goal to help paintball teams prepare for national level events the Baltimore Paintball League is pleased to announce that it will be moving it’s D4 format to a modified X-Ball format.

Battle tested and player approved at the Mid-Season Mayhem tournament it was clear that players are looking for an opportunity that is affordable and challenging to play a structure that most resembles the highest levels of competition on the national circuit. Moving forward the BPL will be following a modified version of NXL X-Ball format. Important details for teams include:

  • 12:00 Minute Matches
  • 4 Point Mercy Rule
  • NXL Entry on the Line

We will be working with teams from all over the region to maximize the experience within the league with one goal. To send them to the national paintball scene prepared to win.

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