Mid-Season Mayhem’s Big Winners

It was an intense tournament at Paintball Adventure Park on the 4th of June and when it was all over we saw some incredible paintball and unbelievable upsets. The BPL wants to start by thanking all the teams, fans, family, and supporters for helping us put on a tremendous event. Without further delay here are your winners:

Division 4 – X-Ball Winners

1st Place – Annapolis A-Team

Annapolis A-Team III had an unbelievable tournament and went to double over time in both their semi-final and finals game showing they had the ability to perform when the pressure was on.

Annapolis A-Team Winners D4

2nd Place – Revo III

REVO III had a hard fought tournament and they’ve shown a tremendous consistency in the tournament series.

Revo III 2nd Place

3rd Place – BAMF

BAMF came out strong and performed well in their first X-Ball appearance for the 2017 season. The leader of BAMF Ron Ward can be found hiding behind the gentlemen in the orange.

BAMF 3rd Place


Division 5 – Race-to-2 Winners

1st Place – 1UP Crew

In a major upset this team, which has never played a tournament before won D5 in a dominant performance after the prelims. Congratulation to 1UP Crew and hopefully they can keep this momentum moving into the next tournament!

1UP Crew Winners D5

2nd Place – REVO IV

Another consistent performance from Revo IV. In the Spring Opener Revo finished 3rd and they fought hard for their second place finish. They’ve shown the highest amount of consistency in the tournament series thus far.

2nd Place Revo IV

3rd Place – BAMF

BAMF placed in both division IV and V in the Mid-Season Mayhem tournament. As always BAMF has proven itself a team to take very seriously.

BAMF 3rd Place D5

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