BPL Introduces 1 vs. 1 Tournament

The July 15th BPL Summer Open is proud to announce that it will also host a 1 vs. 1 winner takes all cash prize tournament to get even more paintball action for paintball players across the region. This does not conflict with the BPL 5 Man so you can do both!

Full Details and Registration Form:

  1. 2 Minute game time limit
  2. Single elimination
  3. Tournament paint required
  4. Separate divisions for D4/D5 and D3/D2
  5. $25 Entry due at the event
  6. The prize pool scales with the number of participants starting at $125 for 5 participants. 20 players in a single division would yield a $250 prize for that division.
Please insert your full APPA ID

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